It's Prom Season

In case you were wondering... 


Proms first began in the elite colleges of the Northeast, taking their cue from the debutante balls of the rich and well bred. Middle class parents admired the poise and composure of debutantes and their escorts and began to institute formal dances as a means of instilling social skills and etiquette in their children.  Research by:

ESF prom season: 

 This years Elizabeth Smith Fashions custom prom gowns.  

This years Elizabeth Smith Fashions custom prom gowns.  

Interior Decorating

I've been working at West Elm for a bunch of years, more than I would have imagined.  Throughout these years I've been blessed to learn or nourish the art of interior decorating.  I've found that my interior design technique is very similar to my fashion design technique, mix of neutrals with a bop of color.  However my growth in both have allowed me to use that rule only when needed.  Assess the situation and react accordingly.